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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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High Levels of Lead Found in Two Milpitas Businesses

Authorities revealed late on Friday that they found high levels of lead in two long-running Milpitas businesses: Target Masters West (a gun shop) and Sweet’s Gymnastics, both of which are located at different points on Minnis Circle.

Testing had been initiated prior to Friday by the County of Santa Clara and the State of California Department of Public Health. Once the results came in, both businesses were temporarily shut down, prohibiting public entrance.

Lead abatement activities will now commence.

Although more info is still being gathered, a County press release stated that “there is no risk to the general public outside of the impacted buildings.”

The businesses are being asked to provide info on clients and employees who’ve passed through their locations in the past 30 days, as said individuals are at risk for lead exposure, and as such will be contacted by the authorities. As for those who visited prior to the 30-day window, the County is consulting with state agencies on the matter, and urged anyone with concern to take up the matter with their doctor.

Lead has a wide variety of origins. When materials containing lead are burned, such as in the process of smelting or recycling, the lead in them can be released. People can ingest dust, water, and food with lead in it. The water might have come from leaded pipes; the food might have been stored in a lead-glazed container.

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Those with pressing concerns should contact Poison Control, reachable 24/7: http://www.aapcc.org

We will provide more information as we learn it.


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