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SponsoredFrom Vietnam to Milpitas: My journey to a better life

From Vietnam to Milpitas: My journey to a better life

This is a sponsored post. 

Dear Milpitas Residents,

My name is Hon Lien. I came from Bac Lieu, a coastal city in Southern Vietnam. My father, born in China, moved to South Vietnam. My father married my mother in Vietnam and created a family. I am one of eleven brothers and sisters. In 1978, my family escaped Vietnam by boat. My family spent 13 months in a Malaysian refugee camp and resettled in the United States on December 26, 1979. That evening, having delivered my family to freedom, my father suffered a stroke and died shortly after.

As newcomers to the country and with my father’s death, my mother felt like the sky collapsed on her. None of us spoke English, no car, no relatives and no way of knowing how to prepare for my father’s funeral. We were so fortunate that a wonderful couple offered us support. They helped with the funeral, put all of us in school, helped us with our homework, and got my older brothers and sisters jobs in restaurants.

My father’s death created the need for me to begin work at age 14 to help support my family while attending George Washington High School in San Francisco.

The first time I moved into Milpitas in 1999, I realized it was a good place to raise a family.  In particular, we have been fortunate to have good schools.

Milpitas offered a better way of life than where my brothers, sisters and I were born. We will never be able to repay our parents for the wonderful gift they gave us when they loaded our family into a small boat to escape the communists in Vietnam and started our journey to America to begin a new life. I am grateful to this country where I met the wonderful couple who gave us the beginning of a new life. I followed that wonderful gesture and started giving back to the Community to help better the lives of people who crossed my path.

I am an entrepreneur, have started many businesses, and have been successful in most.  In 1987, I co-founded Sunnyvale Seafood Corp. and served as the CEO. My company distributed seafood throughout the Bay Area, California, and many other states. By 2003, there were 55 employees and the revenue increased to $60 million.

In 2002, I started and was Co-owner and Executive Director of L&D Enterprise in Vietnam.  The company manufactured, packaged and exported food products to the European Market.

I am a working mother of four: Tiffany 27, Elizabeth 26 Sydney 21, and Johnny 20. Life’s ups and downs have taught me that good things only come from hard work. I have learned not to take anything for granted. I have served the community in many capacities. These include:

  • 2014 to 2017: Milpitas Planning Commissioner
  • 2017- Present : MUSD Board Trustee
  • 2018: MUSD Board Clerk
  • 2019: MUSD Board Vice President
  • 2020: MUSD Board President
  • 2003 to 2010: Trustee and Treasurer:  Lincoln Law School of San Jose
  • 2003 to 2010: Executive Council Member of Silicon Valley Children’s Hospital Foundation.
  • 2004 to present: Member, San Jose Rotary and Milpitas Rotary Clubs.  Serving on the           International Committee with San Jose Rotary.  Two times President of Milpitas Rotary Club.
  • Through AGAPE, an organization from Sweden, I helped provide over 20,000 wheelchairs and hospital beds to Binh Duong Clinic and other hospitals in Vietnam.

I am determined to repay our nation for the opportunity to have a good life. I believe in the American dream and that is why I have decided to dedicate myself to serving our community.

Life has taught me that in America, hard work is rewarded. I believe that most of the people who live in our city share this belief.

Ballots are here. I would be very honored to receive your support and your vote.

Hon Lien

Candidate for Milpitas City Council 

Paid for by Hon Lien for Milpitas City Council FPPC#1449855

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