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First ever 100% affordable housing development in Milpitas is accepting pre-applications

Looking for an affordable apartment in Milpitas? 

The City of Milpitas will soon be opening a 100% affordable housing development, and has announced that the pre-application waitlist for those seeking to live there is now open. 

The development, located at 355 Sango Court, is the first project in Milpitas funded by the County Measure A Affordable Housing Bond. The City of Milpitas itself put a $6.5 million investment into the project. 

The new community will consist of 102 apartments – 23 studios, 40 one-bedrooms, 27 2-bedrooms, and 12 3-bedrooms. Fifty of these apartments are available through pre-application and lottery. 

The property will contain various resident services, along with on-site property management. The development will have laundry rooms, parking, and a community room complete with a kitchen. It will also have a playground area and outdoor seating. The Sango Court property will be a smoke-free community. It is located approximately half a mile away from the Milpitas Transit Center. 

Said Mayor Carmen Montano in a statement, “Incentivizing affordable housing projects is one of City Council’s priorities. The City is pleased to open its first 100% affordable housing development and encourages Milpitas residents to apply.”

Until April 24 at 12 pm, pre-applications can be submitted online. Applicants must show the ability to pay the rent, which means that their total household income must be about two times the rent. 

The wait list will be capped at 800 applicants. 

Here’s a chart that shows the income limits and rents for the 50 available units:

Rhoda Shapiro & Eric Shapiro
Rhoda Shapiro & Eric Shapiro
Rhoda and Eric Shapiro are the editors of The Milpitas Beat.



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