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Saturday, September 23, 2023
NewsFireEvacuation Center up & running at Milpitas Library

Evacuation Center up & running at Milpitas Library

The Milpitas Beat caught up this evening with Milpitas Recreation Services Manager Renee Lorentzen, who shared information about the Evacuation Resource Center over at the Milpitas Library (160 N. Main St.)…

The Evacuation Resource Center, which is not a shelter, has been put in place for the sake of providing evacuees or potential evacuees with information and resources amidst the unfolding wildfire crisis.

The Center is open 24/7, and is staffed by disaster service workers equipped to assist visitors with info and options regarding housing and/or food necessities.

Note: There is presently no evacuation watch, warning, or order within Milpitas City limits. The Center has been opened to assist in the event that that changes.

“City of Milpitas staff are keeping minute-by-minute watch, along with the County and CALFire. We’re prepared to notify the community in case there’s an emergency,” Lorentzen explained.

Residents looking to plan where to go in the event of evacuations can make use of this interactive online map posted by the City. It’s “meant to be a resource for everyone so they can see where those zones are,” Lorentzen shared.

The best way to find out if there is an evacuation order is to sign up for AlertSCC. “It is a great idea,” Lorentzen said of the app, noting that it’s multilingual and “friendly to all cultures.” 

Lorentzen’s parting words as we remain on a Red Flag Warning in expectation of potential new lightning storms? 

She told residents, “Be prepared.” 


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