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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
NewsBusinessDragon Auto brings stellar car detailing services to Milpitas

Dragon Auto brings stellar car detailing services to Milpitas

The Milpitas Beat has begun working in partnership with the Social Ground Foundation, a nonprofit committed to empowering underserved communities by providing access to video/audio technologies and marketing services. 

Over the coming months, the Social Ground Foundation and The Milpitas Beat will be highlighting businesses across the Milpitas community…

Though we’ve written many articles over the years about local businesses, we’ll also now be sharing videos about such businesses, to provide another dimension of coverage on the entities that keep our city’s economy going strong. 

On that note, we are excited to share the first video, which centers on Dragon Auto, located at 20 Windsor Street. Dragon Auto offers car detailing services like ceramic coating, paint correction, exterior detailing, and interior coating.  

In this video, Social Ground Foundation Founder Tim Alcorn interviews the owner of Dragon Auto and also shows some of his business’s gorgeous car-detailing work. 

After you watch, be sure to check out the Social Ground Foundation online and learn more about the work they’re doing to provide marketing, video, and communication services to our community.



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