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SponsoredCurrent Assembly District 24 candidate Kansen Chu on public safety and AB...

Current Assembly District 24 candidate Kansen Chu on public safety and AB 1509

Kansen Chu, who is currently running for Assembly District 24, views public safety as one of his top priorities. In his past role as Assemblyman for the 25th Assembly District, Chu raised $3.75 million for his assembly district’s police departments to mitigate the spike in car break-ins; Chu also directed funding for other key public safety measures, including raising $3.1 million for COVID relief funds and $5.5 million for emergency preparedness and hazard mitigation.

At the forefront of current public safety discussions is Assembly bill 1509 (AB 1509), a bill that aims to remove or significantly reduce gun enhancements to crimes—gun enhancements are a law that adds a minimum number of years to an offender’s sentence if a gun was used in the crime. The intention behind these gun enhancements is to deter the usage of firearms in criminal activities, due to the deadly nature of these weapons.

Sponsored by current Assemblyman Alex Lee, AB 1509 would almost completely remove these gun enhancements: for example, under prior enhancement law, an individual who caused injury or death with a gun would have a 25-year-to-life enhancement on their sentence, while under AB1509, this enhancement would only be 3 years. Hundreds if not thousands of current California inmates would be able to leave prison if their “base” term (not including gun enhancements) have been completed.

Prosecutors have severely questioned the bill, as violent crime has spiked throughout the United States in 2021. The use of a gun greatly increases the chance of an individual being killed during a crime, leading AB 1509’s detractors to view stronger penalties on gun-based crimes as necessary. Chu does not support AB 1509 as well, due to the numerous dangerous criminals and felons that it will release. Rather, Chu is focused on developing public safety and helping all communities through crime prevention and investment in local communities.

Chu firmly believes that the current public safety measures should hinge on strengthening all members of our communities through investing in increased mental health resources and education, but also maintaining community safety by investing in the police via training measures to prevent the use of brutal force and ensure equality within decision making. If elected Assemblyman, Kansen plans on improving policy training on culturally appropriate crisis intervention and hate crimes, as well as building a strong pipeline to have a diverse police force.

“Equality in our community doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be tough on those who have already been dangerous and could pose a threat to our communities,” Chu said. “We can emphasize investing in the community and supporting crime prevention by addressing root causes of crime without risking our community’s safety.”

For more information on Kansen Chu’s platform, please visit https://kansenchu.com/. 

This is a sponsored post. Paid for by Kansen Chu for Assembly FPPC # 1440742. 



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