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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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City of Milpitas engages community to choose new logo

As Milpitas sees ongoing transformation, a variety of efforts are underway at City Hall to keep up with the growth, among them updates to the Milpitas Gateway and Main Street; the latest General Plan; the Economic Development Strategy; a Recreation and Parks Master Plan; and a Trail, Bike, and Pedestrian Master Plan. Hand in hand with these undertakings, the City of Milpitas is also seeking to upgrade its branding.

To that end, the City has been showing new logo designs to an assortment of informal focus groups. As a result of the feedback gained from these groups, three logos are now vying for the top position, and the community has been asked to weigh in on their favorites. They can do so here until July 30.  

In an email about the logo effort sent out today, Milpitas’ Director of Economic Development Alex Andrade wrote, “Milpitas has been experiencing tremendous growth and, according to the US Census, was recently ranked the second fastest growing city in the state and the eighth fastest growing city in the nation. With this fast pace of growth come significant changes in demographics as the City welcomes new members to the community while nurturing those who have resided here for decades.”


Eric Shapiro
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  1. I tried to leave a comment, but it wouldn’t let me, unless I made a choice on the logo. Is this the most pressing problem facing Milpitas now?Sounds like this is an attempt by some to divert attention away from issues they would rather not address.
    Perhaps a cartoon image of the City Council in a scrum in a mud pit?
    Jim Arthur

  2. Do we really need to change the logo? Why do we need to spend money on a new emblem, new stationary, new symbol on city vehicles, etc. it sounds like we have better things to spend tax money on. What is wrong with the Minute Man?


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