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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Latest news

The focus should not be on condemning the rioters

Here we are again.  Precious black lives are being lost. And although we have been demanding change for some time, it hasn’t come. Our culture...

Crisis of Maskulinity

That’s it.  The intersection between the COVID-19 pandemic and the culture wars has made me go full partisan, at least for now. It’s not that...

Support Kathmandu Cuisine in Milpitas for Takeout Thursday

Today's Takeout Thursday restaurant in Milpitas is Kathmandu Cuisine. Support this local business by ordering takeout, or contributing to purchase a meal for a...

Milpitas Inclusive PTA hosts General Meeting on special education

The Milpitas Inclusive PTA will have its first 2020 General Meeting today, May 28. Last September, Carla Crenshaw paved the way for a much-needed community-wide...

Milpitas City Council Endorses Laura’s Law to Support People with Mental Health Disorders

The Milpitas City Council unanimously voted to endorse Laura’s Law last Tuesday, a state law that empowers courts to mandate psychiatric treatment for certain...
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