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EventsBlack Cat Comics celebrates Superman Day

Black Cat Comics celebrates Superman Day


1938 marked the beginning of Action Comics, the famous series of comic books in which Superman, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, made his first appearance. The Man of Steel’s debut put the word “superhero” on the map, igniting a new wave of consciousness that paved the way toward the creation of other DC comic heroes. 

When Milpitas business owner Mark Causey purchased the 600th issue of Action Comics, the year was 1988; it was the 50th anniversary of Superman’s “birth”. “And that was the first time it occurred to me that Action Comics #1000 was going to be a thing,” said Causey. “I thought, if I lived long enough, I could buy #1000. So today is personally important as well as business wise.”

Causey is co-owner of Black Cat Comics in Milpitas, along with his wife Francie Soito. On Wednesday, April 18, the pair hosted Superman Day at their shop to celebrate Superman’s 80th anniversary, along with the long-anticipated release of the one thousandth issue of Action Comics. 

Many comic book fans came out to pick up a copy of the monumental issue, some of them sporting Superman emblems, t-shirts, and hats.

“What excites me is people wanting to read stuff. The collectibility is definitely a thing and it’s a huge part of this,” said Causey. “Always has been, always will be. But first and foremost, it’s an entertainment art form. It’s meant to be read and enjoyed. And seeing people who want to read a copy of Action #1000 is really exciting.”

Balloons, donuts, and a gigantic Superman cake set a festive atmosphere. Even Mayor Rich Tran of Milpitas made a stop to support Black Cat. “The mayor got a Superman shirt to put under his dress shirt, so he could be Clark Kent,” said Soito. The night before, Tran had honored Soito and Causey at the Milpitas City Council meeting, commending them for their work, as well as recognizing Superman Day.



On Saturday, May 5, Black Cat Comics will be hosting a beloved regular community event known as Free Comic Book Day. “We expect about 1,000 people to show up that day, and plan to give out over 5,000 comics,” said Soito. They’ll also be featuring specials: 75 percent off back issues, and 25 percent off black cat packs, which feature packs of several comic books grouped together.

“We love comics. We love being here to support the industry and seeing little ones read comics,” Soito said. “Mark and I…we both remember the first comic we got and which store we got it from. And we want to be part of that experience for people. It’s such an awesome hobby. It’s about so much more than being a comic book peddler. It’s really a way of life for us.”

To learn more about Black Cat Comics, go to: https://www.black-cat-comics.com


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