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CrimeAuthorities need help identifying man who assaulted bus operator in Milpitas

Authorities need help identifying man who assaulted bus operator in Milpitas

On Wednesday, May 25, at 5:50PM, a VTA bus operator was violently attacked at the Milpitas Transit Center. The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Transit Patrol (which heads up VTA security) has put out word that they’re seeking help identifying the attacker.

When the operator got off his bus to take a break, he found himself getting knocked hard to the ground. He suffered a concussion as a result. Photographs released by law enforcement to the public show the assailant to be a Hispanic male, 5’10”, 160 pounds, with black hair, a mustache, and a sparse beard. 

In a release, Deputy Director of VTA Bus Operations Lisa Vickery said, “If anyone recognizes the person in the video and photographs, we want to hear from them so we can get a dangerous person off the streets. Our operators are providing an essential service and they deserve to be able to do their jobs without having to worry about being attacked.”

Attacks on bus operators have been on the rise locally, with February, March, and April of this year seeing 10 VTA operators assaulted by either their passengers or other members of the public. Six of these 10 incidents have resulted in arrests, and authorities are urging those with any information to come forward. 

Anyone with info for the police can phone the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office at 408-808-4431.


Eric Shapiro
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