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City CouncilAn open letter to Vice Mayor Bob Nuñez

An open letter to Vice Mayor Bob Nuñez

Dear Mr. Bob Nuñez,

What you did was morally and inconceivably wrong! What you did caused an undeniable hurt to my family and myself. Your reckless speech calling me a racist is a defamation of my character. Now I am faced with publicly explaining and defending myself against unfounded accusations. That is WRONG! The social media attacks that came after were vicious and equally painful. Even now, innuendos continue to be posted. My granddaughters are at the age where they have social media accounts and have been subjected to your post. They are emotionally hurt.

As a family, we couldn’t respond to the allegations because we were still doing our own investigation. Eventually, we received an important piece of information, just yesterday morning… 

For years, I have prided myself on being a person of integrity and citizenry. Unfortunately, your false speech has tainted the legacy I wanted to preserve for my grandchildren. Moreover, people who know me personally have called on me to share their support and concerns over this video you recklessly posted. On the other hand, many Milpitas residents who are acquaintances or who don’t know me now have doubts in their minds. All these doubts that you’ve created in their minds as well as social media outlets will not be erased.

Furthermore, defamatory speech spreads like wildfire through social media, oftentimes in a format that’s difficult for the everyday voters to distinguish from factual news. Simultaneously, it’s very difficult for voters to validate the information shown. We live in a cancel culture; this seems to me a desperate attempt to get me canceled. Unfortunately, the ultimate and innocent victims besides my family and I are the MILPITAS VOTERS! 

Finally, as I have stated in the recent Milpitas Beat article, we have a lot of work to do. Tremendous challenges are headed for our COMMUNITY. Let’s move forward and focus on this great City we live in!


Evelyn Chua

Milpitas Resident 

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