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ElectionsAn Interview with District 25 State Assembly Candidate: Bob Brunton

An Interview with District 25 State Assembly Candidate: Bob Brunton

Why are you running for State Assembly? 

It’s time to repair our broken state government and prepare our state for future generations. That is what I plan to do and why I am running. I believe we can both improve our state and decrease our overall taxes. We live in Silicon Valley — the land of dreamers, changers and doers; yet many are being left behind. Our state government is out of sync with us and our needs. My campaign promise is to provide solutions instead of excuses. I have lived in the district for over 40 years. I raised my family here, started and ran my business here in electronics manufacturing and financial services. I have been involved in many civic activities and was a 12-year elected member of Ohlone College Board of Trustees. I have seen the changes in the district and state, yet I am still optimistic about our future. My second promise to you is that from day one I will dig in and find ways to decrease the wasteful and redundant spending of our state and then use the money three ways — to reduce our state debt/ obligations; improve areas such as our parks, schools, and roads; and return some of the money to you so you can use it for your benefit. I will not ask for any increase in overall taxes and in fact will propose several ways to decrease your taxes. Learn more how from my website at VoteBobBruntonforAssembly.com, or you are welcome to text me at:  510-657-8645


What do you love most about District 25?  

District 25 has something for everyone, from hiking the wetlands in Newark to the concentration of high-tech companies in Santa Clara. You can find a restaurant from many regions of the world to test and explore. In spite of the traffic and burdensome government, our people still have a can-do spirit. My job as your next assemblyperson is to get the government out of your way and just focus on improving the services to you and your family, and letting you determine the way and amount of success you want.


If elected, what would your legislative priorities be?

I will put most of my effort into the following four areas – improving education, improving mass transit, improving civil justice, and improving the respect our state government gives to us.  


What are some things you see that are happening in local government right now that inspire you? 

I wish there were more inspiring things going on and my hope is that you will be able to ask me that question again in two years just before the next election. One award program I will start is a Company and Individuals of Character Awards. It is my belief that people can do positive things better, more effectively and less expensively than the government can and I will encourage and recognize those that do. I will award cities and schools of innovation, improvement and coordination. 


Where should the state’s priorities be in terms of K-12 education? Do you have any proposals/ideas for increasing funding in education? 

Educating our students is our state’s top priority. California allocates 54% of its budget to Education and we are not getting our money’s worth. We have 5 academic institutions with over 1000 school districts. They vary greatly in size, funding and quality. Many students are being left behind and much of our tax dollars are being wasted. Next term, my primary effort will be to restructure our educational network. It’s time to actually provide a quality and relevant education to all of our students and adults who may need to keep their employment skills up to date. Please go to my website to learn about many of the ways to improve education in California without raising more taxes: VoteBobBruntonforAssembly.com


Any proposals for bringing more affordable housing to our region? 

 I will be proposing Sales Tax Reform. I suggest that 2 cents of the current sales tax be sent to the zip code that the user lives ( provided it is in the bay area). This is NOT an increase in the sales tax; just re-directing where it goes. This method will reward cities like Milpitas and San Jose which are building housing, and gently kick cities like Palo Alto and Cupertino, which are not. This method will offer a way to provide revenue for the services a new resident needs. This should help decrease the push-back some current residents have with newcomers. I have others please go to my website to learn more: VoteBobBruntonforAssembly.com


Do you have any ideas that would help our state government function more effectively? 

I will be focusing on how our state and regional government are structured and recommend ways to re-align them to better operate in the future. One example: mass transit reform. Currently there are over 24 Mass Transit agencies in the Bay Area and they do not work well together. In addition: Of those 24, only 2 have board members who are elected by the public and you in Santa Clara County have zero direct votes for mass transit. This must be corrected, as you are subsidizing this very inefficient system. I will look for ways to turn VTA into a directly elected board and also ways to consolidate and reduce the number of agencies that we have.  My motto is: More Satisfied Riders, Less Redundant Managers. Mass transit in California should be organized for the benefit of the rider and with respect for the taxpayer. 


What is the biggest issue impacting our district and how to fix it? 

The biggest issue is the decline in the quality of life. With growing unaffordability, traffic problems, etc., our government has been failing us. My job will be to start fixing our broken state and to prepare our state for future generations


What is unique about me and what I can bring to the assembly? 

I’m issues-based. I’m laser focused on solutions, and not focused on politics.  


What is something that not everyone might know about you? 

I have an amazing wife Elena, who’s incredibly supportive of me. She’s originally from El Salvador. She speaks four languages, and has three college degrees; one in Kinesiology, one in Nutrition, and one in Child Psychology, which she uses on me all the time! 


Where can people go to learn more about you? 

Learn more about me and the many positive solutions I’ve thoughtfully come up with to repair our broken government, on my website: VoteBobBruntonforAssembly.com 


And finally, why should people vote for you? 

I’m running a positive campaign that is all about the issues and finding solutions. I am going to Sacramento to do two things – repair our broken state government and prepare our government for future generations. It is my belief that we can do both – greatly improve our government and decrease our taxes and debt. 




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