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CoronavirusAmidst a world crisis: A teenager's perspective

Amidst a world crisis: A teenager’s perspective

When I was younger, about two or three, my family would often visit the zoo and I would always be amused by all the caged animals. Many times, I wished to experience how these animals felt residing in one fixed place instead of visiting numerous places like us (school, classes, parties). Eventually, my wish came true, but this is CERTAINLY NOT what I meant!

The Coronavirus, better known as COVID-19, is a zoonotic disease, which means it gets transferred from animals to people. The ‘Co’ in COVID-19 means corona, ‘Vi’ means virus, and ‘D’ stands for disease. The number ‘19’ in the term symbolizes the start year of this epidemic. The first confirmed death due to this novel virus was on January 11 of 2020, in the Wuhan district of China tracing back to the dozens of cases in the district near the end of December 2019. According to BBC news and CNN, a wet market in this city named the Hunan Seafood Wholesale Market is believed to be the source of this unexplained “viral pneumonia”. On the contrary, others argue that there is a possibility this disease was created in a nearby lab. Consequently, on March 13, 2020, this was declared as a national emergency in the United States.

Don’t Fear It; Fight It!

Educators, first responders, and community workers are all contributing to keep our community safe from this illness. The best way to help them would be to respect them and adhere to necessary guidelines for our community’s health. Essential tasks like going to the grocery store or refreshing yourself with a stroll can still be performed with proper precaution. Such precautions include maintaining a safe distance, washing your hands often, and covering up coughs and sneezes. In addition to this, many local businesses and school districts, including MUSD, are distributing meals to support and further aid families. Rather than dwelling on the situation, we should take advantage of all the technological advances that we have been gifted with and, therefore, make the best of our experience in this unusual period of time.

It’s Not a Joke

Amidst such an intense world crisis, people still seem to lack the understanding of seriousness that COVID-19 brings. Upsetting jokes about this disease are prevalent across several social media platforms. Likewise, this is not the time to blame others for the current situation. Instead, we should show humanity and be considerate of people around us. As opposed to making this a worse experience for others, we should support them by being thoughtful of their circumstances.

It is important to note that we are all going through this together. The difference, however, is how we perceive the situation. For some, COVID-19 may cause numerous dilemmas, while others may barely be affected. Regardless, with enough knowledge, proper precaution, and by avoiding xenophobic values, we can withstand the malignant coronavirus with unityof course, six feet away!

Written by Rishita Rokariya 





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