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Saturday, September 30, 2023
BlogAmerica! We forgot to complain about Daylight Savings!

America! We forgot to complain about Daylight Savings!

Every year around this time I look forward to the passionate complaining of friends and family about the unnecessariness of California’s participation in daylight savings. “I don’t WANNA fall back!” they cry to the heavens. Covered in sackcloth and ashes, I watch them mourn as life as we know it gains an earlier start that our kids’ internal clocks know and care nothing about. The onslaught of social media whining starts Friday and ends a week later when we’ve all endured that jet lag feeling of the dreaded hour of extra daytime. 

The gnashing of teeth can be heard almost audibly by Saturday. And yet, this year…nothing. None of my friends mentioned it, and perusing my husband’s social media account, I saw no one talking about it. Were we beyond caring? Did we forget? Does it even really matter this year? Did the anxiety over the upcoming elections and the coolness of having a full moon on Halloween night overshadow the tragic extra hour of 2020 we had to endure?! Or maybe the timing was so beautiful this year since children stayed up late on Saturday for Halloween and were in a deep sugar coma Sunday morning anyway. 

Anyway, this weekend we fell back…and I didn’t even get to hear people complain about it. I guess all I can really do is cling to the hope that by holiday season, things will be uncomplicated enough that we’ll all get to listen to the news outlets and the general public spend a comical amount of energy rigorously debating the significance of what color Starbucks chooses for their winter to-go cups. Perhaps in 2020 those simpler times are over, but my gosh, a girl can dream…


Vanessa Dueck
Vanessa Dueck is a Milpitas resident training for the USA 2024 Olympic Marathon trials.


    • That’s very true! Fall back is much easier 🙂
      Training is going well! Seven more weeks to press on! Have a wonderful day!

  1. If you or anyone would like to see what happens to our sun lit hours if we were to adopt year round standard or daylight time, reply to this message so you and I can figure out how I can share my sun lit hours spreadsheet with you.

    As we are quite north of the equator, adjusting our clocks to get the most of the sunlight is a good thing in my opinion. I do wish that we would go back to the weekends that were part of the Uniform Time Act of 1966 or the amendment to the Uniform Time of in 1986, as opposed to the current weekends imposed by Bush Jr with the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

    Uniform Time Act of 1966 – – Daylight Savings Time began the last Sunday of April and ended the last Sunday in October. (6 months)
    Amendment to the Uniform Time of in 1986 – Daylight Savings Time began the first Sunday of April and ended the last Sunday in October. (7 months)
    Energy Policy Act of 2005 – Daylight Savings Time begins the second Sunday of March and ends the first Sunday in November. (7.5 months)

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