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Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Silicon Valley hosts annual Iftar dinner

For the 18th time, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Silicon Valley has hosted their Iftar dinner, bringing people together in a spirit of unity and compassion. 

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims engage in fasting every day, from sunrise to sunset. Iftar is the meal taken after sunset to break the fast at the end of each day. 

Located in Milpitas, Ahmadiyya is made up of a warm and personable community, one where all faiths are welcome to come and connect with each other. 

“We like to invite everyone to come out and learn something,” said Idrees Munir, Director of Outreach for the organization. “And we want them to tell us, also, what they believe, so we can learn their faith, too.” 

Taking place on April 9, the Iftar dinner drew elected officials and civic leaders from Milpitas and surrounding cities. 

Mayor Rich Tran and Vice Mayor Carmen Montano were in attendance, and got up to speak during the program part of the event, which took place as the sun went down. 


Photo courtesy of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Silicon Valley


“This is actually one of the best events every year that I’ve been able to attend during my time as a mayor,” said Mayor Tran to all the guests in attendance. He recalled his first year at the Iftar dinner, noting how welcoming the community had been toward him. 

Speakers including Fremont Vice Mayor Yang Shao, California State Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, and American Leadership Forum’s Akemi Flynn also came up to the podium. 

After the program, sunset descended and the fast was broken. Evening prayers commenced. People went to buffet stations to gather plates of dinner. Tables had been set up outside for the attendees to sit, eat, and mingle with one another. 

“We want to create some understanding and create a brotherly environment in the city,” said Munir. “That’s the whole purpose.”



Rhoda Shapiro
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