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Friday, November 27, 2020
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Letters to the Editor A letter from Councilmember Dominguez: "Our current Mayor seems more focused on...

A letter from Councilmember Dominguez: “Our current Mayor seems more focused on his priorities than our city’s”

Dear Milpitas – my friends and my neighbors,

Thank you for affording me the opportunity to serve you and thank you for your support. 

We have been fortunate to have many communications and dialogues about our Council meetings and city issues. A recent article has elicited a lot of emails and questions. I hope this letter addresses your questions, as my record in service shows I will always speak with transparency and honesty. Moreover, you know that when I ran, and since in office, my priority has been to be your voice, not someone else’s third vote.

We are facing one of the most challenging times ever for Milpitas. Our focus continues to be centered around public health, and the safety of our families. We are fighting hard to ensure we rise above this pandemic. Each and every one of you is in my heart and on my mind every day, and for every vote.

For over 20 years, I have dedicated my career to public service. One of the most important roles in my career includes supervising a department with more than 50 staff members. We were able to thrive as a team because we valued developing strong and respectful communication. I always take this skill into my work and my service, and I hold hope that whether my Council colleagues and I agree or disagree, we pursue our work with respect and open communication. We will only be successful for you if we work as a team: putting the people of Milpitas before egos or politics.

Sadly, in recent months as your Council should be unifying in action and working as a team, instead division and games seem to take precedent. I appreciate my Council colleagues who have risen to the occasion, but I will not let anyone distort the truth. Our current Mayor seems more focused on his priorities than our city’s, and that getting 3 votes is more important than our community. His words and actions speak for themselves, and sadly, he is not speaking for all of us.

How many of you have had a boss who tries to dim your light to show control? A boss that attempts to make you feel that you are not good enough because you have a different perspective, have better ideas or simply said, “no” to a request? 

When our Mayor decided that he would rather try to silence my voice – your voice – instead of working with me, I knew the challenges we face would be even tougher. This is also why I have taken to communicating with him exclusively via email, because multiple attempts to reach him by phone and text messages have failed to yield a single response, and the digital record cannot be dismissed. His words are on the record and there are no excuses or distractions that he offers to the press that can undo the damage he has done by not owning up to his own shortcomings as a leader. I am no longer surprised by his actions, but I will tell you that several of his emails do shake my core with disbelief. His microaggressions are nothing new and are very present in the video recordings of nearly every Council meeting. His treatment of his Council colleagues and the community are unsavory are best, and grossly unacceptable at worst. Nobody in any workplace should ever experience this kind of treatment or harassment. I am speaking up because this continued behavior is not ok. The importance of channeling your voice and fighting for you is why this matter is now garnering media attention.

While I have not always been on the same side as my colleagues, I am thankful to Councilmember Anthony Phan, Councilmember Carmen Montano, and Vice Mayor Bob Nunez for creating a safe and shared space that has allowed us to create strong policies that are forward-thinking and that put Milpitas first.

When our Mayor is ready to do the same, he will find that my door remains open. I have been in service to our community for far too long to let pettiness or my ego prevent me from doing my job. Milpitas deserves the same from our Mayor. I believe that each of us in city leadership has a mandate – especially during these unconventional and challenging times – to rise up and do things better, together.

Many may perceive conflict as an obstruction to progress, and an experience to avoid. While I would prefer we work as a team, I see conflict as an opportunity to grow and improve. I will always face adversity and will build from it. Milpitas is on the precipice of great things for our future and our children, and I am not done fighting for us, I will not let us fail. I will continue to lead in order to learn, pull up, teach, and empower Milpitas. Please stay woke and don’t be afraid to use your voice for change. We need it now more than ever. 

In Community, 

Karina Dominguez 

Councilwoman, City of Milpitas 

(669) 228-1623


“Together we will learn, pull up, empower and move Milpitas forward.”



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  1. The problem as I see it is that when a collegue starts making public accusations, the safest practice is to cease all verbal, private conversation and protect yourself by recording all conversations in writing. While I am very uncomfortable with what I observe it appears the Mayor has now been forced to document his words for self protection. Sad but important, that you both can be secure that your conversations are now part of the public record. My suggestion is the you involve one of the many organizations available that assist teams in conflict. The reputation of our city is being tarnished.

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