More heat, excitement, and passion from the Milpitas campaign trail, as host Mitch Costanza gathers all 8 Milpitas City Council candidates for a lively nighttime discussion, complete with great vision, enthusiasm, humor, tension, and grit. It’s anybody’s guess as to who among these 8 contenders will win, as all of them offer noteworthy strengths and pluses. Scroll right down for the memorable talk…



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  1. I guess they will let any one off the street run for city council in Milpitas. Suraj is a thief and a crook. He has just recently even threatened another business owner and tried to use being a “politician” to intimidate them as if he had some type of political power. Another favorite line of his is that he “knows people”.
    Santa Clara county court records are public, look this guy up and you’ll see a small example of how shitty a business owner he is!

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