Monday traffic got a boost in Milpitas, following the completion of sinkhole repairs on Montague Expressway.

Through Saturday and Sunday, road crews were hard at work on the repairs, but the crews and equipment were able to clear out in time for Monday morning commuters.

It was this past Friday, 1/11, when the sinkhole first became apparent, in Montague’s westbound lane, east of Trade Zone. Two lanes absorbed the impact of the hole, leading authorities to block traffic there overnight into Saturday.

Come Saturday, authorities took a closer look, and found that an underground issue was causing the hole. At that point, all 3 of Montague’s westbound lanes were closed, starting at Trade Zone, which had cars detouring through nearby neighborhoods and pushed area traffic to its limits.

A water line got impacted by the issue, too, so authorities shut it down to ensure safe utilities repair.

Montague Expressway is a county road, meaning the repair thereof called for inter-agency cooperation and coordination. In a press release issued on Sunday PM, Milpitas City officials wrote, “The City of Milpitas extends appreciation to the County, and other utility partners, for their quick response to the issue and also to the public for their cooperation in avoiding the area.”

As of now, Montague is back to normal.

(Featured photo from the County of Santa Clara)

Eric Shapiro
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