Sea Link Cafe, the beloved eating spot on Main Street, is offering a special meal for pick-up over the next few days.

This Friday-Sunday, April 5-7 — Sea Link will be selling chicken dinners. Each meal will include:


1 whole chicken marinated in unique and tasty spices  

Green Rice

Black Beans


Mango Coleslaw

Organic salad with spinach, quinoa, mushrooms, and yams   



Owner and Chef Marielena Enriquez says that the chicken meal is very popular among her customers, but not something Sea Link can routinely offer every day.

Weather permitting, Sea Link will be cooking outdoors on the grill this weekend.

If you want to order a chicken meal, your order must be placed in advance. You can text or call Enriquez at: 408-472-3345

The cost is $35, and the meal serves 5 people.


Sea Link Cafe 

187 S. Main Street

Milpitas, CA 95035 



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