The Untold Stories of Sunnyhills, Where History Was Made

Sunnyhills. Say that word in Milpitas, and you’re likely to evoke a slew of memories. Back in the day, the Sunnyhills neighborhood was where it all happened. It was a hub of activity and progress, a kind of engine that set the wheels of...
New Year’s Resolutions for Milpitas
As January draws to a close, I realize I...
10 Things I Learned from Chatting with New Milpitas Fire Chief Brian Sherrard
The Milpitas Fire Department’s new Chief Brian Sherrard started...
2019 Milpitas Little League Registration Deadline Extended to 01/27
Milpitas Little League registration has been extended to January...
Milpitas Police Department Offers Text-to-911 Service
In the 21st century, traditional 911 services are increasingly...
Heads Up, Milpitas: Possible Water & Sewer Rate Increase
Milpitas’ water and sewer rates are due for an...



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