If trees could talk they would reveal time itself.

A time that bore rings on her very soul.


The ages of time 

The ages of mankind

How the Naturaleza define her very life


If trees could talk they would be a witness

A testament of time

Deeply rooted in wisdom


She inhales the sunlight

Gently reaching out to her creator

Her source of energy 

And lovingly gives it back 


From the days of old

To modern day civilization

She faces peril

From a changing world


Disrupted seasons


Thirsty droughts

Fiery blazing infernos

Bitter freezing cold winters

The choking air that burn her delicate hands 


If trees could talk 

They could

They would 

Tell us what is to come

Perhaps to warn us of what will be


If only trees could talk

They would tell us 

But will we listen…


Carmen Montano


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