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Recipes from Your Neighbors

Vegan Mapo Tofu Puri Tacos

Roti puri (also spelled “poori”) is a popular Indian flatbread enjoyed with a variety of Indian dishes. To my surprise and delight, I recently...

Recipe: Ube Marble Sugar Cookies

Equipment needed: Standing or Hand Mixer Baking sheet(s) Spatula Food scale – Zero out your scale properly taking into account the weight of the measuring container or follow...

Recipes from Your Neighbors: Filipino Indian Lumpia

  For those not familiar with Filipino cuisine, lumpia is the equivalent to the Chinese egg roll. There’s a variety of lumpia both savory and...

Recipes from Your Neighbors: Cherri’s 30-Minute Chocolate Sheet Cake

It was back in the eighties when Cherride Poehlman, who went by the name of Cherri, began playing the organ at St. Elizabeth Church...

Recipes from Your Neighbors: Curry Leaf Calamansi

  Nerizza Besabe Manongdo, a local chef, has been a resident of Milpitas for the past 10 years. She and her husband, Jon, have two...

Recipes from Your Neighbors: Brazilian Cheese Bread

The Milpitas Beat has started a new Recipe Corner! We'll be featuring various recipes from Milpitas residents in an effort to connect neighbors, share...

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