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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Poetry: Step Out

Step out   A track: 400 meter Loops No potholes No cars Reliable Orange oval   A treadmill: 9.6 miles per hour Legs: no chance to Fail or Slow   A home: Peanut butter, top left cabinet No smooth when I want Crunchy No...

Poetry: From Silence to Solidarity

From Silence to Solidarity  they don't know our name and send us hate cuz we're not the same or can't relate don't think of this as shame our differences are...

Your Song

Your Song One note, two notes Maybe three A forth, a fifth Some bars A key Major, minor Treble, bass A metronome To set the pace Whole notes, slow notes Sixteenth, fast Whispers of Musicians past Forge forward...

Poetry: Goodbye Arco

Goodbye Arco I looked out The driver’s window Expecting familiar scene: Folks filling cars Or bumming smokes (Taboo cuz ‘vid nineteen) Usually at that light I turn – Loud music as my...

Poetry: Falling Leaf

Falling Leaf Released With style and grace – Such elegance and ease Clair De Lune in air  You move Among the rustling trees Piano – almost silent As strings are ushered in Transporting...

Poetry: Corona

Poem written by Carmen Montano:      

Man and Fire

Under the colorful evening sun, peace and rest at home, the man seeks refuge and solace, when the hustle of the day is gone.   Gusty winds outside howl, shaking...

If Trees Could Talk

If trees could talk they would reveal time itself. A time that bore rings on her very soul.   The ages of time  The ages of mankind How the...

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