The Untold Stories of Sunnyhills, Where History Was Made

Sunnyhills. Say that word in Milpitas, and you’re likely to evoke a slew of memories. Back in the day, the Sunnyhills neighborhood was where it all happened. It was a hub of activity and progress, a kind of engine that set the wheels of...
Milpitas Teen Center off to a Robust Start
On the evening of Friday, February 15, the Milpitas...
Sea Link Cafe in Milpitas Unveils New Dinner Menu
Ask anybody in Milpitas where you can get a...
Pearl Zanker Elementary Hosts First-Ever Black History Month Ceremony
Zanker Elementary School in Milpitas kicked off the first...
Great Mall Hosts 4th Annual Lunar New Year Festival
Great Mall will be hosting its fourth annual Lunar...

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