Voters to decide future of California’s bail industry

Late in 2018, then California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB10 into law, outlawing cash bail for criminal defendants in the state. The law puts bail agents across California in jeopardy, not to mention those around the country — if what California’s doing catches on....
New express lanes open on Route 237
In an effort to ease Silicon Valley’s notoriously congested...
Kong and Ngo pull papers to run for MUSD Board seat
Chia-Ling Kong and Minh Ngo have pulled papers to...
As BART’s Opening Draws Near, Its Law Enforcement Contract is Still in Limbo
The Milpitas Transit Center, which contains the city’s BART...
City Council Moves Forward on Amended North Park Victoria Housing Development
At the 11/5 meeting, the Milpitas City Council decided...

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